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Hello! We at ACE Entertainment would like to welcome you to ACE CASINO, the crypto casino that uses USDT as the main currency. We have dreamed of an environment where players from around the world can enjoy high-quality games while withdrawing their winnings conveniently. Today on 14 August, we are proud to announce the launch of ACE CASINO — World Class Crypto Casino!

ACE Entertainment developed ACE CASINO, that uses USDT as the main currency.

ACE CASINO is a full- service casino that provides poker games such as Texas Hold’em, Omaha, and tournaments, table games including blackjack, baccarat, and roulette, hundreds of slot games, and sport betting.

Let’s get into the details of what ACE and ACE CASINO are all about.

What is ACE?

ACE is an EOS-based utility and platform token. ACE can be used to commit in to commit and enable players to obtain ACE Rewards. ACE will also be tradeable in various cryptocurrency exchanges.


ACE CASINO uses USDT as currency. ACE CASINO is an online crypto casino co-developed by ACE Entertainment with ME2ON. All games in ACE CASINO are HTML5-based, offering a variety of casino games across HTML5-enabled PC and mobile devices. ACE CASINO is a reverse ICO project that is based on ME2ON’s ACE Casino Network, which includes a user base of over 10 million from a total user pool of 100 million across all ME2ON services.

Why join ACE CASINO?

1. ACE CASINO is developed with ME2ON. This assures user-friendly, high-quality games for all.

2. Using a Random Number Generator (RNG) certified by iTech Lab, results of the games in ACE CASINO are fair so you can play with peace of mind.

3. All types of casino games are available at ACE Casino such as Hold’em, slots and sports betting.

4. ACE CASINO holds a lot of events for high-rollers as well as players that love low-stakes.

But aren’t all online casinos and crypto casinos the same?

Well, here are reasons why ACE CASINO is different from the rest of its competitors, whether it’s a traditional online casino or a crypto casino.

1. ACE uses a hybrid service structure to resolve scalability issues that are known to happen with blockchain.
Since all transaction data in the network is recorded and verified by all nodes, this blockchain characteristic isn’t suitable for online casinos that require many transactions every second. ACE CASINO uses a hybrid service structure that combines blockchain and server-client methods in order resolve this issue to ensure smooth gameplay with cryptocurrency.

2. Games in ACE CASINO are already proven to be user friendly and loved by millions of users all around the world.
ACE CASINO games are developed based on over 100 high-quality games from ME2ON. These games are already live and played daily by millions of users. Also, games from other well-known software providers will be continuously added to ACE CASINO.

3. The team behind ACE CASINO are experienced and supported by ME2ON, a top social casino game company.
ME2ON, a top social casino game company in Asia which is listed in the KOSDAQ stock exchange, shares its gaming service experience with the team behind ACE CASINO, who also already has more than 20 years of experience in the gaming industry. We are using a firmly verified online casino business model from the beginning as games are serviced in a form of reverse ICO under cooperative development with ME2ON.


Games in ACE CASINO are already fully developedand ready to play. In fact, millions of users from our table games are from ACE Poker Network.

Here are the games that can be found in ACE CASINO.

· Texas Hold’em Poker

· Omaha

· Tournament

· OFC Poker

· Blackjack

· Baccarat

· Slot Games


· Multi-table Function

ACE CASINO multi-tabling allows players to join up to four tables at once. Players can have a more rapid gaming experience by playing different games and different tables at the same time.

· ACE CASINO operates legally with proper gambling licenses

ACE is a fully legal and license-compliant service. To offer players a trustworthy service, ACE CASINO meets many strict conditions to guarantee that the games are entirely legal and comply with all required regulations.


ASOP stands for ACE Series of Poker. It is the first-ever recurring and official poker tournament in the blockchain casino field held by ACE CASINO. ASOP Tournaments will feature large-scale winning rewards in ACE. Players from all over the world can gather to compete for the prizes in ASOP. ASOP tournament will be held in ACE CASINO and will include media coverage to allow spectators to enjoy the excitement.

· ACE Gtd Freeroll

ACE Gtd Freeroll is a tournament in ACE CASINO that doesn’t have an entry fee. These freeroll tournaments will enable more users feel the thrill of Texas Holdem matches.

The Goal for ACE CASINO

ACE CASINO aims to be a game changer in the online casino market. We plan to make ACE usable not only on ACE CASINO but also on other platforms and stores. The ultimate goal for ACE is to be a global blockchain platform used in all online and land-based casinos in the world, called ACE Chain. In this state, ACE Chain will provide fully optimized blockchain services as a platform and a cryptocurrency in all kinds of ACE-based casinos and the ACE Network.

Check out our whitepaper HEREfor more details.

For more news and updates on ACE CASINO, check out our other social media channels.







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