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Hello ACE CASINO players!

Welcome back to ACE CASINO — World Class Crypto Casino.

At ACE CASINO, players have the option to commit their ACE coins in order to obtain more benefits from the ACE ecosystem. This is also known as the ACE Evangelist Program.

Here, we will go into detail on the ACE Evangelist Program to understand how to commit and why players should really consider to do so.

What is ACE Evangelist

– ACE Evangelist is a group that participates in polls and gives proposals regarding important decisions in the ACE Ecosystem.

– Any ACE Coin Holder can be an ACE Evangelist member.

– ACE Evangelist can voluntarily lock-up (also known as “commit”) any amount of their own ACE coin for any duration that they desire.

– ACE Evangelist can participate in polls that affect important decisions in the ACE Ecosystem, and the company that operates ACE CASINO, ACE Entertainment can refer to the poll’s result to make any business decision.

-ACE Evangelist can receive 25% of the overall revenue as a reward through Airgrab when they participate in the volunteer lock-up and poll mentioned above.

[Poll will be available soon]

Why is ACE Evangelist Essential

ACE Evangelist plays an important part in the ACE ecosystem. By committing ACE, the overall value of ACE is able to increase. Also, participants are able to make their voice heard by participating in polls that affect important decisions in the ACE Ecosystem.

How to Commit

1. Go to

2. On the top-right of the screen click on “ACCOUNT”.

3. Click “ACE COIN COMMIT” on the drop-down menu on the top right of the screen.

4. You’ll be able to check you total ACE coin balance and commitment status.

5.Click “Commit” to commit your ACE coins.

6. Enter the amount you would like to commit and click “COMMIT ACE”.

7. Participate in a short and simple poll.

8. Finally click submit.

[Poll will be available soon]

How to Release Commitments

1. Go to your “ACE COIN COMMIT” page.

2. Click “Release”.

3. Enter the amount to be released.

4. Click “Release ACE”

To check on the history of the committed ACE, click “History” on the ACE COIN COMMIT page.

To check the statistics of your commitments, click “STATISTICS” to see all the details of your commitments.

Benefits from joining ACE Evangelist Program

– participate in the fluctuating value of ACE as the ACE Ecosystem grows

– receive 25% of the overall revenue as a reward through Airgrab.
(25% of the revenue is does not include earned transaction fees)

Reward Structure

The reward for the ACE Evangelist Program depends on the total amount of committed ACE, committed ACE over time and the contribution made over time. The percentage of the reward is set based on the contribution of the relevant quarter, and participants will be rewarded at the end of the quarter.

What is ACE COIN Commit?

– ACE commit is voluntarily lock-up to receive 25% of the ACE CASINO’s overall revenue as a reward through airgrab.

Cumulative Commitments

– Cumulative Commitments is the amount of committed ACE which tallied accumulatively during the commitment session. Also, is criterion of ACE reward program when ACE CASINO’s overall revenue is distributed to ACE Evangelist and ACE Entertainment.

ACE coin can be obtained through gameplay and ACE CASINO events.

So sign up and get your free ACE to start playing now!

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