Hello ACE CASINO players!

ACE CASINO — World Class Crypto Casino has big news for our players!
We are bumping our DEPOSIT BONUS up to 200%! This means more hands, spins and bets for your deposit!

To keep the action rolling, our LEVEL UP BONUS give you more the more you play!

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Get x3 MORE USDT for your Deposit made at ACE CASINO!
Event Period: June 24 ~ July 31, 2020



Terms and Conditions

1. 100% additional USDT will be rewarded as a bonus for the first deposit made at ACE CASINO.

2. The minimum deposit required to acquire the 100% bonus is 50 USDT.

3. Maximum deposit bonus obtainable is 1,000 USDT.

4. Deposit bonus will expire in 60 days from day of the deposit made.

5. Players can receive the deposit bonus if the following requirements are fulfilled within 60 days.

6. Players can fulfill wagering requirements by collecting wager points.

7. The amount of wagering points needed is equivalent to the amount of deposit bonus.

8. This bonus can only be claimed once per individual.



Wager point system:

Texas Holdem, Omaha, Tournament

  • For every 3 USDT spent on Rake or Fee, 1 wager point can be obtained.

Casino Games

  • For every 60 USDT wagered, 1 wager point can be obtained.
Sports Betting

  • For every 60 USDT wagered, 1 wager point can be obtained.