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To celebrate the launch of ACE Sports, we have big promotions for all sports betting fans out there!
ACE CASINO has two major promotions to celebrate the launch of ACE Sports sportbook:
  1. Ranking Event
  2. Challenge Event
Read below for details on each event, or head to ACE CASINO now to get started.
These promotional events will up the fun factor so keep an eye on your progress below! And don’t worry, you can participate in both events at the same time. Some of your bets may count towards both events. Please read the Terms and Conditions for more details on qualifying bets.

Event #1

Ready to be a bet leader?

Players rise in the ranks with larger total cumulative bets. The top five players with the largest totals on the leaderboard when the event ends will be rewarded!​

Event period: 24 June 2020 ~ 10 July 2020 (UTC)

Terms and Conditions apply.

During the event, ranks will constantly change as players make more bets. As you make different bets, all your bet amounts will be added up to make your total. Your total will be compared with other players to determine your rank.

Once the event finishes, the leaderboard will receive a final update and the winners will be decided, with rewards to follow.

Players must have minimum cumulative total bets of 50 USDT to participate in the Ranking Event.

Event #2
Place bets in ACE Sports for your chance to earn more bonuses!

The Challenge Event is your chance to get free USDT for completing different kinds of bets!

Event period: 24 June 2020 ~ 10 July 2020 (UTC)

Terms and Conditions apply.

10 USDT Challenge: 
Make a total of 10 Live bets and 10 Pre-match bets

Live bets are placed during an event, and Pre-match bets are placed before an event. Complete the required bets to get 10 USDT for free!

20 USDT Challenge: 
Make a total of 10 Football bets and 10 Baseball bets

As two sports with some of the highest betting numbers (and live games opening again) players have a lot of different ways to bet to complete this challenge. Complete the required bets to get 20 USDT for free!

And don’t forget the 200% deposit bonus, available to all players during the event period!
Get more action for your money at ACE CASINO!

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