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Enter the Fast Paced World of Dragon Tiger

Live dealer casino games have been an increasing attraction in ACE CASINO. They bring a sense of the real casino experience that many players have been longing for during 2020. With great interfaces, and featuring fun and interactive dealers, it’s easy to see why this category of game has become so popular!

Dragon Tiger is extremely popular with players from Asia and its popularity is growing around the world. It brings another exciting option to players who want a more simple way to play.


This game is sometimes lumped into the Baccarat category, but there are some important differences.

The basic bets are still between two opposing hands and a tie. However, only one card is drawn per hand, and whichever has the highest value wins. Values ascend from Ace to King, so unlike Baccarat, a King is worth more than a Queen.

Dragon Tiger is a super-fast, simple game that Baccarat enthusiasts will love.

Head to ACE CASINO to try it out and tons of other games. And don’t forget to get on any current promotions for even more excitement!

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